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國立臺灣大學理學院地質科學系 - 誠徵助理教授或助理教授以上教師貳名

  1. 應徵資格:具有地質科學相關博士學位,不限領域,但專長為岩石地球化學、地質資源、能源探勘、地層學、沈積學、構造地質、水文及應用地質等,與本系研究教學相關領域者優先考慮。

  2. 截止收件日期:2017年12月15日(以電子郵件收件日期為憑)。

  3. 預定起聘日期:2018年8月1日

  4. 應檢具資料:個人履歷、學經歷證件影本、著作目錄、教學及研究計畫書、三位推薦人姓名及其聯絡方式、三至五篇最近七年內著作抽印本(其中一篇請自行指定為代表作,此代表作必須為2013年8月1日以後正式出版者)、與其它有助於瞭解申請者背景之資料。

  5. 申請者請將檢具資料以電子郵件寄至:臺灣大學地質科學系教師徵聘委員會召集人徐澔德教授(電子郵件地址




Faculty positions at the Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University


The Department of Geosciences at NTU is seeking active scientists to fill two faculty positions starting from August 1st, 2018. The positions are open to candidates from all fields in geosciences, but those who have strong background in the fields of petrology and geochemistry, geo-resources, energy exploration, stratigraphy, sedimentology, structural geology and hydro- and applied geology will receive more favorable consideration. Applicants are requested to submit the following documents: CV, list of publications, statements of teaching and research interests, names and contact information of three referees, and three to five articles published within the last seven years (one of which need to be designated as representative paper and must be published after August 1st, 2013). Application materials should be sent by email to Professor J. Bruce H. Shyu, the Chair of the Searching Committee, at


Deadline for application: December 15th, 2017. For more information, please refer to the website: