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Call for Session Proposal: AOGS 2018 Annual Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii

明年度的AOGS年會將於2018年6月3號到8號,在夏威夷的Honolulu舉行。這是AOGS第一次在夏威夷舉辦,同時大會也安排了一些相關的野外行程,機會非常難得。因此本人謹在此代表AOGS的Solid Earth Section,邀請各位參與這個會議,並提出大會的Session Proposal。Session Proposal的截止日期是10月20日目前還有兩個多禮拜的時間,請各位參考下列的會議網頁,並希望能夠踴躍的在Solid Earth Section提出Session Proposal:
徐澔德 敬上

Dear Professors:
The AOGS 2018 Annual Meeting will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, from 3 to 8 June next year. This is the very first time that AOGS holds its annual meeting in Hawaii, and the organizers have also planned several field trips to the area. Therefore, on behalf of the Solid Earth Section of AOGS, I would like to invite you all to take this opportunity to participate in this meeting. The deadline for Session Proposals is 20 October, about two weeks from now. So please consider to submit a Session Proposal in the Solid Earth Section. The meeting website is as below:
Please let me know if you would like to obtain any additional information about this meeting.
Best regards,
Bruce Shyu