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2018 AGU 摘要截止日提醒(8/1)




徐澔德 敬上


Dear colleagues:

The abstract submission deadline of the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting is approaching. Please consider the session closely related to Taiwan when submitting your abstract, and encourage your students to participate. The abstract deadline is Aug 1:

If you have any question about the sessions, please contact me.

Hope to see you there!

Best regards,

Bruce Shyu



Active Tectonics, Seismicity, and Surface Processes Interactions in South and East Asia

Session Description:

It has been known for decades that tectonic and surface processes interact with each other to drive the development of topography and shape the landscape.  In the South and East Asia region, numerous active orogenic belts provide opportunities to further understand these processes and their interactions across various temporal and spatial scales.  Moreover, a better knowledge of these processes would provide significant insights for the assessment of future geologic hazards.  In this session, we seek contributions from scientists working on all aspects of neotectonic and surface processes.  We encourage submissions from scientists in all related disciplines, including geomorphology, paleoseismology, seismology, geodesy, and modeling.  Submissions focusing on the tectonic-surface process interactions beyond South and East Asia are also welcome.