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國立臺灣師範大學地球科學系 徵聘助理教授以上(含)專任教師乙名

求才內容: 地球科學學門具地質學領域專長之助理教授以上(含)專任教師乙名。


一、本校徵才流程依本校教師評審辦法規定需先經核定員額,故本次徵才尚需俟 本校核給教師員額後,始能依核定人數擇優聘任。

二、起聘日期:預計 108 學年度第二學期或 109 學年度第一學期起聘(依實際作 業時程而定)。


(一) 獲地質學相關領域之博士學位者。
(二) 申請者以能依其個人之興趣、能力、經驗,配合本系現有的研究方向,並能強化本系研究能力,積極帶動本系參與世界頂尖研究,提出具有發展潛力或跨領域之研究計畫的人材尤佳。
(三) 變質岩石學且具管理地球化學分析儀器如 ICP-MS 及/或電子微探針 者優先考慮。
(四) 具大學部或研究所之教學經驗者為佳。
(五) 具博士後研究經驗者為佳。
  1. 中文和英文履歷表各一份(請附聯絡電話及電子郵件帳號)、學術著作 列表、博士學位證書影本。
  2. 研究及教學計畫書(請以英文書寫)。
  3. 推薦函三封(請推薦人逕寄下列收件地址 簡芳菁主任收)。 (二)申請截止日為 2019 年 11 月 30 日(郵戳為憑),逾期不予受理。

資料請寄(信封上請註明「應徵專任教師」): 11677 台北市文山區汀州路四段 88 號



e-mail: (三)洽詢電話:(02)7734-6374 劉曉珮助教。


承辦人: 劉曉珮助教(,

聯絡電話:(02) 7734-6374 聯絡地址:台北市汀州路四段 88 號地球科學系



Faculty Position in Earth Sciences at National Taiwan Normal University


The Department of Earth Sciences at National Taiwan Normal University invites applications for one faculty position in Geology beginning in either February or August 2020, depending on the hiring procedure. The position is expected to be at the Assistant Professor level, but a higher level appointment may be considered for exceptionally qualified candidates.

Candidates in all the geological sciences are welcome. However, candidates in the field of Metamorphic Petrology, with expertise using analytical instruments (e.g., ICP-MS and/or electron microprobe) are preferred.

The appointees should have a demonstrated record in research and a commitment to excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching. It is expected that the candidate will have a Ph.D. in Geology at the time of the appointment with preference given to those with post-doctoral experience and whose interests, abilities, and experience enhance our existing programs.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, a current CV, a publication list, a description of how your future research and teaching will contribute to the overall goals of the department, a (photo) copy of doctorate diploma, and arrange three letters of reference directly sent to:

Prof. Fang-Ching Chien, Chair of the Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University,
No. 88, Sec. 4 Ting-Chou Road, Taipei 11677,
Taiwan, R.O.C.


Complete applications should be received by November 30th, 2019 for full consideration.
Inquiries can be directed to Ms. Angel Liu (,, Telephone: +886-2-7734-6374, Fax: +886-2-2933-3315. For more information, please visit department’s website at