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【徵稿資訊】AGU abstract for Arc-Continent Collision System

弧-陸碰撞在動態的地球系統中,曾經發生在古老的造山帶(例如愛爾蘭),也發生在年輕的造山帶(如台灣)。關於這個議題,過去二、三十年來累積了許多相關的研究成果,特別是在年輕的台灣造山帶。因此在今年AGU Arc-Continent Collision System的議程中,我們歡迎來自世界各地弧-陸碰撞造山帶的研究工作,摘要投稿的期限為731,期盼可以與您分享傑出的成果。
Dear Earth scientists:
The Arc-Continent Collision has been found in the youngest and fastest growing orogenic (mountain building) systems (such as Taiwan), as well as in the one of the oldest orogen (e.g., Ireland) on the dynamic earth. On this topic, many relevant researches have made a lot of progress in the past decades. In this AGU Arc-Continent Collision System session, we welcome all researchers working on Arc-Continent Collision system around the world and look forward to sharing outstanding results with you. The session description is shown below. The abstract submission deadline is July 31, 2019.
Session Title:
T007 - Arc-Continent Collision Systems: The Rock record, fabric evolution and plate Interactions
Session Link:
Arc-continent collisions have been important processes in orogenesis throughout geologic time and detailed petrological, structural and geochronological studies have yielded significant advancements in understanding this fundamental tectonic environment. More recently, this knowledge base has been integrated with plate motion reconstructions and studies of mantle dynamics and surface processes, providing a more wholistic view of arc-continent collision processes. Here, we seek oral and poster presentations of integrative studies of modern or ancient arc-continent collisions, particularly in the areas of high-pressure metamorphism, transpression, fabric development, geochronology, and numerical modeling.
Invited speakers:
Jean-Claude Sibuet, Ifremer Centre de Brest
Whitney Behr, University of Texas at Austin
Gong-Ruei Ho, Academia Sinica 
Timothy B Byrne, University of Connecticut 
Gaku Kimura, The University of Tokyo 
Jian-Cheng Lee, Academia Sinica